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Shoe Sale

I love shoes and I can’t seem to get enough. I’ve been trying to streamline my collection for a while now, and it’s around 25 pairs…from tennis shoes to boots and heels. Most of my shoes are neutral colors, but I’m working on getting some colorful pairs.

Yesterday, I went to the DecadesTwo shoe sale. I think it’s the first time I ever really waited in line to purchase shoes. Supposedly, there would be Louboutins, Lanvin flats, and other designer shoes that would be discounted from 50-90% off. It sounded too good to be true and too good to pass up. So I got Melrose Ave at 8 AM in the morning to wait for the doors to open at 9AM. When I got there, there were about 30-50 people ahead of me, but I’m not sure if they were all there to shop individually.

The first girl that exited the store with a purchase told us that she got the only Louboutins in size 6, a red slingback, for $120. I was a bit disheartened, but I wanted to see for myself what the selection would be like. I knew that the choices for sizes 5-6 would be quite slim, but I was hopeful. I got into the store about 20 minutes after the sale started due the store’s smaller size.

Inside, there were people everywhere looking for shoes or designer clothing. There were about 5 racks of sale clothes, but nothing seemed to pop for me. As for shoes, there were two main sections. There was the main sale section of deeply discounted shoes which hovered around the $100 mark and a secondary section of more current “it” shoes that ranged from $200-500…on sale. I decided to steer clear of the secondary section because I only expected to spend about $200 on shoes…one or two pairs.

I scoured the floor for shoes in my size which wasn’t as plentiful as the size 9 and up. Still, I managed to snag two heels…a green satin Valentino and a brown suede Dolce & Gabbana for a total of $220. Even though they aren’t today’s  “it” shoes, they were pretty and they fit. Plus, they were pretty new, no scuff marks on the sole, and still quite lovely. Most of the shoes were for narrower feet as I heard several other shoelovers comment.

Perhaps next time they have a sale, I’ll scout it out beforehand. A lovely store…actually, it’s a vintage designer consignment store and their quality is amazing. It’s practically brand new items. I’d come back next time they have a shoe sale, it’s quite a bargain…and for designer shoes…I’d need a bargain if I ever hope to wear those shoes.


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A Not So Fairy Tale Ending

I was surfing around the net and I found a series of pictures that definitely resonated with me. I know people who wish that they could be princesses just like the ones they have seen in Disney films. Mind you, this is not about those 5 year old little girls, but these are 20-something year old women with these fantasies.

It’s not that I dislike the princess culture, but I know it’s not always going to be perfect in the end. There are just some realities that we need to face. Also, with the changing stories that Disney portrays, the moral of some of the stories are just lost in time. If you read back to the original tale, or even the Grimm’s version, it’s quite a different take on the whole idea of fairy tales. It’s not always about the “happily ever after” but a cautionary tale of how dark the world can become when we are naive and unaware.

When you take the idea of the princess and you juxtapose it with our current issues and realities, it’s quite a different perspective on things. Below is just one photo from the series.

Personally, I think the pictures of Rapunzel and Belle are one of the sadder realities in our current world. They are strong images that really do make you think about how fairy tale princess would survive nowadays.

For more pictures, click HERE.

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Wardrobe for a Twenty-Something

What should a twenty-something year old wear?

My current staple is jeans and a T-shirt. But I realize that it’s not always appropriate and sometimes, I think I end up looking younger than I am. Lately, because the weather is slowly getting warmer, I want to wear more shorts, skirts and dresses. Honestly, I rarely wear those items unless I’m at the beach or it’s a special occasion.

Since I’m pretty short, I know that heels make me taller and such, but it doesn’t really fit into my lifestyle all that much. It’s a bit inappropriate walking in heels uphill and for long distances. I’ve tried that before and I’ve ended up some gnarly blisters. But it works every so often and I’m trying to make the best of it.

Recently, I’m trying to build a strong, solid wardrobe that will carry me through the next couple years. For now, I’m no longer purchasing pants, shorts, jackets, and shoes because I think I have a pretty solid base. If I were to purchase any new items in those categories, it’s to replace something I already have. So it’s one in, one out. What’s left? I need some tops, skirts, dresses and accessories that will last from season to season and year to year.

I’m learning to buy more quality products instead of stuff at H&M and Forever 21. As much as I like those things, they don’t last that long. Plus, it seems like their phasing out my size, so I can’t fit into a lot of their items. Being short and petite doesn’t help things. I want to save money and budget so that I get the best value for my closet.

Any suggestions for places to shop? So far, my list is Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Martin+Osa, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and H&M.

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Create the Look: Belted Dress

A simple drawstring dress can look good many ways. If you want to create a belted look with the rope, here are instructions below. It seems fairly easy, however, the trick is to get the back part centered to hide the rope. A couple of safety pins can come in handy.

To avoid an unsightly diagonal on the back part of the dress, simply put the rope under the garment and thread through the armholes. This makes it look better and prevents excessive bunching.

beltdress copy


  1. Put both arms through each of the armholes. Tie a knot at the part where you want the neckline to cease.
  2. Then take the rope diagonally across your back (under the garment) and wrap it around your waist and then around your back.
  3. Then tie a knot where the rope meets the other side of your body and tuck in the extra rope into the garment.
  4. Adjust the dress to make sure everything is centered and even.

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Makeup Time


My body is changing. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, or the weather is getting warmer and less humid, or the products I use are not working for me anymore, BUT my skin type is different. I’ve gone from oily combination skin to a more normal-dry combination. Lately, I’ve noticed that the oil-free products I use have been drying out my face and I needed to get something more hydrating. It’s not that I end up with flaky skin, but it definitely feels tight and it was on its way to becoming flaky.

So, since I’m no expert in these things, I went to Kiehl’s to see what cleansers I should use. They recommended the Yerba Mate Tea Cleanser and it seems to be doing fine so far. At least my skin feels more hydrated and smoother. I guess it’s about time for a new skincare routine to add moisture to my skin instead of stripping away the natural oils.

As for makeup, I’m going to use up what I have, but I’m also going to blend it with newer things. Previously, I used MAC Studio Fix, but since I haven’t really gotten good service at the stores, I’m temporarily steering away from MAC. Then I tried a bunch of samples from Shisiedo, Sephora, and finally to NARS. I love NARS, but lately, it’s making my face look powdery. Thus, I ended up ordering the sample kit from Everyday Minerals. The sample kit comes with 5 jars for about $4 shipping, which sounds like a pretty good deal.

I’ve tried the Snuggle blush so far and it’s pretty cool. It goes on smooth and stays on quite long. It’s a bit shiny, not the oily kind, and it works well for me. I’ll see how the rest of the sample kit fares later. Maybe it’s time I switched to mineral makeup.

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