Posted by: mywakingmemories | June 5, 2009

Create the Look: Belted Dress

A simple drawstring dress can look good many ways. If you want to create a belted look with the rope, here are instructions below. It seems fairly easy, however, the trick is to get the back part centered to hide the rope. A couple of safety pins can come in handy.

To avoid an unsightly diagonal on the back part of the dress, simply put the rope under the garment and thread through the armholes. This makes it look better and prevents excessive bunching.

beltdress copy


  1. Put both arms through each of the armholes. Tie a knot at the part where you want the neckline to cease.
  2. Then take the rope diagonally across your back (under the garment) and wrap it around your waist and then around your back.
  3. Then tie a knot where the rope meets the other side of your body and tuck in the extra rope into the garment.
  4. Adjust the dress to make sure everything is centered and even.



  1. can you show how to create the one strap look? thanks (:

  2. I hope the style works out for you! =)

  3. thanks!
    I tried this look several times but always had the rope going diagonally across my back (also tried front one time ^^)

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