Posted by: mywakingmemories | May 20, 2009

ZOMG…Beautiful Shoes

I was aimlessly browsing through the aisles of the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale when some people told me that they recently finished the sample shoe sale, so all the samples were on sale in size 6. Perfect!

I made my way over to the shoe department and noticed that there were so many choices this time around. There were Colehaan’s for less than $80 and a whole mess of other shoes. I always dreamed of getting Colehaan’s because I heard they were super comfortable, especially if you’re walking around a lot in heels. But they were just a bit too practical and I had enough “basic” shoes. I wanted something different.

In my shoe closet, it’s not very big, but most of them are solid heels. Not too high, not too low, very practical, basic…and honestly, a bit boring. Lately, I’ve been thinking of getting something more outrageous like sky high stilettos or super tall platforms. But as I kept looking around, I realized those styles weren’t really me.

I found these little lovelies hidden away in a rack with a ton of pastel colored shoes. When I put them on, they were beautiful. It was a cute little bootie that could be quite versatile and chic. There was only one and I figured that it had to be a sample. I haven’t heard of the brand before, but it definitely looked like a well-made shoe. In the midst of sale rack shoes, which can still be expensive but look cheap on the rack…this one just stood out to me. I had to get them.

Even though they’re not really summer shoes, they’re worth it. I hope that I can live up to these and if I don’t make the cut this quarter…I’ll have to return them. Talk about motivation or what?!




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