Posted by: mywakingmemories | May 13, 2009

Create the Look: Halter Dress II

For this look, it’s a bit complicated because I wanted the back of the dress to look just as good as the front. There are a couple ways to tie the back part, but this is what I think is best. A couple safety pins may come in handy if the armholes don’t close all the way. Also, the rope needs to be quite long to make it all the way around.



  1. Pull the rope so that one armhole is closed. Tie a knot at the other armhole. Make sure the knotted side is in the center front of your body.
  2. Take the rope and put it around the neck and to the back of the dress. Make a loop around the closed armhole with both pieces of rope.
  3. Bring the rope to the front of the body and cross it.
  4. Take the rope to the back of the body and tie a bow.


  1. I just bought the le sac dress from AA, although I really would have just liked to make one now that I see you have directions… The AA website kinda sucks with this dress because the instructions aren’t thorough enough and lack many pictures… I must say I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog because I love this look that you’ve created!!!

  2. It looks great.. I can’t wait to try it myself 🙂

    • It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it! =)

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