Posted by: mywakingmemories | April 7, 2009

The DIY Shirt Skirt


I found this lovely plaid men’s shirt for $5 on sale and I just had to use the print. It made for a lovely spring skirt and an awesome was to participate in the whole plaid trend without looking like everyone else. I still have yet to figure out the various ways to wear it, but it’s gonna be a staple from here on out!

If you want to do make your own shirt, here’s some instructions:

  1. Take a large or extra large men’s shirt.
  2. Make one long cut across the shirt right under the sleeves/armpit area.
  3. Sew a basic stitch along the sides of the shirt to make it more tapered toward the waist. (About 2″ in from the side at the top of the skirt)
  4. Iron down a 1/2″ fold. Then fold down a 1″ seam and iron.
  5. Then stitch down on the seam so there’s a pocket for the elastic to go through.
  6. Using 1/2″ thick elastic, thread it through the pocket and sew it together to create the waistband. If necessary, stitch down the elastics to waistband at certain intervals to prevent it from flipping over. (4 times is pretty good.)


  1. Hmm. I’ll try it.

    If you want to do make your own shirt, here’s some instructions:

    I thought we were making a skirt! lol.

  2. cute!

  3. This is such an amazing idea! I love your blog!

  4. You are AMAZING! Loved the Le sac thing too!
    I need to learn how to sew better sometime.

  5. Thank you so much, that would be great.
    Especially because I find it difficult to visualise how to get the different looks.

    I am planning on sewing one with floral pattern. 🙂

  6. Lovely skirt! I really enjoy reading about your DIY projects. 🙂

    Would it be a possibility to take some more pictures of th DIY “le sac dress”? – How you are getting the different looks?

    • I’ll definitely try to put up more views of the versions of the dress…like how to put it on and such. It’s not too difficult, but it does take some time.

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