Posted by: mywakingmemories | March 11, 2009

Fun with Le Sac Dress

So I got suckered into the whole American Apparel thing, but instead of feeding the shopping monster, I decided to make the designs that I liked, particularly the circle scarf and the le sac dress. Here’s the finished product and I got to say, it looks pretty darn good. It’s the same color as the circle scarf, but I just extra fabric, so it worked out. One yard of fabric…that’s all I needed. I might hem it later, but for now, it’s good enough.

le sac dress



  1. what kind of fabric did you use to make “Le string”?

    • You can use any fabric for the string, I used a rayon jersey blend because it looked good and had some stretch to it.

  2. Wow. This is really amazing! I’m so glad that I’ve stumbled across your blog. (:

    • Thanks!

  3. But i’ve got a question.
    How do you do it on the back because when i try the third way it always look so chaotic on the back. And that is just not pretty 😦
    And my apologies for my bad english it is probable terrible
    Greetz Clair

    • Check out the Create the Look posts because it shows how to do the back part in pictures. Also, some safety pins can help make things look better.

  4. I recently ordered the Le Sac dress from American Apparel, so this is great timing. Totally appreciate the photos, as I’m a visual person. Gotta love convertible clothes especially during the current economic climate!

  5. It looks so good! I just got one for my birthday and I’m an absolute mess when it comes to tying it differently. (I actually stumbled upon your post while googling “how to wear the le sac dress.” Haha.)Could you also put up a tutorial on how you tie it? Yours looks so good!

    • Check out the “Create the Look” posts and it’ll show how to wear and put together some of the styles.

  6. could you please put up a tutorial on how you create the first 4, because i can’t get them right.

    • I’ll be putting up a tutorial for it very soon! =)

  7. hi! not that I want to make lame advertisement here but I made a tutorial on this dress on my blog (see website, in german, but it’s really easy)!

    but much more importantly what I wanted to say! I love the ways you were it but somehow I’m to dumb to imitate them!
    The first three versions (are somehow the same)-> how do you bind the strap in the back?
    I tried to imitate it (last photo in my tutorial) but theres always one strap side going cross over my bust oder back o_O
    help me!!

    • I put the strap behind my back, but under the garment to hide the strap and wrapped it around my waist. That’s going to be the next style that I’ll put up how to create in a step by step fashion. =)

  8. Hi did you ever get a chance to make the tutorial on how to wear and make the Le Sac dress?

    • Yes, I have put up the Le Sac Tutorial and a couple ways on how to wear it under Create the Looks. =)

  9. Wow, great job! I am going to make one too… once I find a sewing machine.

  10. Hi,
    I love what you have done with this dress . I have the AA dress but i haven’t found any instructions on many variations . Is there anywhere i can find instructions ?I love dress 8 and would like to learn how you tied it .

    • There used to be a video on the AA website, but I think they just write about it instead. For #8, you make it like the one shoulder dress, so you just put your arm and neck in the large hole and the other arm through the smaller whole where you tie. Then you cross the string through the backside of the dress to the other side(so it doesn’t show). Then you make a loop with the string and tie it to the other hole (which is hidden). It’s kind of hard to explain, but that’s the basic way I did it. I’ll try to put up the stages in how to create each style, but it’s taking a while since there’s so many ways to wear to it!

  11. looks great! good job!

  12. Can you tell me about how much material you used for the front and back pieces? And it looks like the seems are stitched withing 6 or so inches of the top. Is this correct? Thanks

    • I just bought one yard of fabric from the store. The dimensions for the two pieces unsewn are about 25″ wide by 36″ tall. The part where the rope comes through….it’s a 1.5″ gap for the 1″ thick string. It’s double stitched to prevent it from breaking. And The armholes are 8″ after it’s complete. Let me know if you have other questions. I’ll do a tutorial later in the week

  13. nice! looks just like the original which i bought for like $36 or whatever it is PLUS tax!
    i will make another one when you put up the tutorial

  14. This is great! I was just looking at the dress at AA but I dont have the funds to get it there. I would love to see how you made it.

    • I’ll be working on DIY tutorial soon.

  15. Hi there
    Is this the same dress worn differently? Really? It’s fabulous! You should put up a tutorial on how to make it – I’m sure it would be very popular! And the same with the circle scarf? I just love multi function clothes.

    • Thanks for stopping by. It’s the same dress/circle scarf worn in different ways. I’ll definitely think up a tutorial! Versatile clothes are awesome! =D

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